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The Next Phase Of Additive Manufacturing Starts Now

What could true AM accuracy mean for your industry? What could it mean your business and the world? Connect with us now.
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Potentializing the Present to Forge the Future

Additive manufacturing holds the potential to take us to space, spark a creative renaissance, and produce personalized medical devices with advanced precision.

That’s why we’re not stopping at in-process monitoring. 

Phase3D is proud to be the conduit between the time-consuming and costly AM part certification of today and the scalable 3D printing of tomorrow. Our Chicago-based team of engineers, developers, and thought leaders are passionate about reimagining the adoption and use cases for additive manufacturing through objective data. 

The AM industry is at a pivotal phase and our technology is the key to unlock 3D printing at scale. Data from our early adopter, development partners, and customer have the groundwork for us to understand which anomalies lead to part defects.

Now, the future of additive manufacturing is here. 

If you're working to expand the possibilities of AM at your company so you can do more and dream bigger, get Fringe installed today.

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