Take the unknown out of the equation

As more industries embrace and explore the possibilities of additive manufacturing, they also encounter the frustrations and costs of relying on assumptions alone.
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Part quality in AM holds a different connotation for every industry. However, a universal truth remains: the need for costly post-build evaluations of critical-use parts puts big ambitions on hold. 

Repeatability and reliability have not been at the top of the AM dictionary, until now. 

With Phase3D’s objective measurement system, Fringe, an automated AM inspection process isn’t just possible–it’s here.

Print with Confidence. Print with Precision.

Meet Fringe: the in-situ monitoring system that inspects parts in real-time to collect the data you need to diagnose and act on print anomalies. Trade errors and assumptions for accuracy and repeatability with our advanced manufacturing control systems.  Make effective decisions across all industries:

Rapid Product Development for Additive
Manufacturing: Reimagined

Your industry demands and deserves perfection. Phase3D delivers.

Pinpoint exactly where problems occur and have confidence in your build from start to finish. Fringe is real-time in-situ monitoring for additive manufacturing for product development through to production.
in situ monitoring for ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING

Problems measured
in objective units.

Evaluate every AM printed layer using objective height data (microns) from a calibrated and repeatable system with known uncertainty.

Know when/where your print malfunctions in real-time with precise measurements.

With Fringe, know every part is build correctly and make changes quickly.


Real-time smart data quantified in real units.

Evaluate every 3D-printed layer as it is meant to be observed—in 3D.

Other monitoring solutions only display results with subjective data, giving an unclear approximation of what to adjust.

Examine every build with pinpoint accuracy to know exactly where problems occur using objective, unit-based measurements.


Attach to your printer. Scan @ any scale.

Fringe uses proprietary, modular structured light to measure any powder-based 3D printer via non-destructive evaluation.

Attach Phase3D's Fringe to any printer and experience real-time data to usher your operations into manufacturing level 3D printing.

Detect defects early with confidence and unmatched details.

Print with Confidence. Print with Precision. Print with Phase3D.